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S.C. MINERAL S.A. Bucsani owns the ballast-pit BUCSANI situated on the left bank of the river Ialomita, upstream the road bridge Habeni-Bucsani, at about 2 km away from this, and, from the administrative point of view, it is placed on the territory of the locality Bucsani, county Dambovita.

The acces in the perimeter of Bucsani can be made through the county way 711 Bujoreanca - DN 1, which, at the locality Racovita, it presents a modernized lateral record which crosses the village Habeni (DC 51) on about 3 km, and after the crossing of Ialomita on the route bridge at the exit of Habeni, there is an exploitation way.

The activity profile of the society is the producing and the commercialization of the mineral aggregate for constructions.

S.C. MINERAL S.A. Bucsani is a commercial society with an integral private capital, having natural and legal persons as shareholders.

S.C. PROCOR S.A. is the majority associate (90 %), as a legal person.

The obtaining of the mineral aggregates selected in the gravel pit Bucsani supposes three big categories of activities:

  • the extraction of the coarse ballast and its transportation at the sorting station
  • the sorting, the washing and the storing of the material in the vehicles to transport it to the beneficiaries
  • the crushing of the material bigger than 31 mm and the obtaining of the crushed stone

The gravel pit produces the following kinds of mineral aggregates:

  • sand sort 0-3
  • gravel sort 3-7
  • gravel sort 7-16
  • gravel sort 16-31
  • refusal screen
  • crushed stone 0-16
  • crushed stone 16-25
  • crushed stone 25-63

The loading of the aggregates is made with a frontal loader O&K L45 (5mc), which makes the delivery to be extremely efficient.

The frequent of S.C. MINERAL S.A. are the following:

  • Corsarul Rosu
  • Galantus
  • Matei Construct Campina
  • SNP Petrom
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