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S.C. PROCOR is a company with a entirely private capital and its main activity object is the projection, the execution and the repairing of constructions.

The firm was set up in October 1990, under the name of "Globus", a small company with a number of 4 agents, so that on the 29 of May, 1992, it turned into a SRL, with a social capital of 495 000 lei and a number of 6 shareholders.
In the meantime, the company turned into a corporation, with 7 shareholders and a social capital of 21 640 000 lei, run by the Managing Board AGA.

The domanins of activity of the firm are the following:
  • civil constructions
  • industrial constructions
  • constructions of public utility and of communal management
  • hydro constructions
  • constructions of roads and bridges
  • constructions and reparations of railways
  • heat-treatment furnace
  • iron and steel furnace
  • hydraulic plant
  • plumbing, thermic plant, gas fittings, wiring
  • technological and process design
  • energizing with underrunning voltage, in the air space and underground
  • electric drive
  • automatization, measurement and control in the electrical field
  • renting of industrial equipments
  • Aluminium carpentry with "termopan" window

The company owns commercial and production spaces, wood and Aluminium carpenter's workshop, as well as an auto park, transport tools and earth movers.

The company S.C. PROCOR S.A. is authorized for each direction and it respects the European quality standards ISO 9001.

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